Cartwright Curling Club

Cartwright Curling Club
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Regular season starts in November and runs until March/ April

Open to all who would like to join:  contact Wayne Ramage (204-529-2254) or Brian Cooper (204-529-2287) if you wish to sign on for regular weekly curling.  Men, women, boys and girls are all welcome!

Fees: Regular - $90, Students - $45, Spares - free (but donations are always accepted)


Open regular curling – Monday / Tuesday night

Pick-Up Curling - Thursday morning - $5 - pay as you play - includes coffee

Open Bonspiels - $80 per rink (Open - teams may be any combination of men/ ladies/ juniors)








Private Waiting Room Rental - $100 -includes use of kitchen

Private Ice rental - $125 (initial ice prep but without ice caretaker)
includes use of waiting room / kitchen
Add $75 per day for ice caretaker

Waiting room to be left with tables cleaned and chairs stacked.
Any extra cleaning/damage/repair will be billed additionally

General enquiries
Cheryl Bridges – 529 2361[img_assist|nid=1288|title=Curling Club Room|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=426|height=215]     or    Brian Cooper – 529 2287[img_assist|nid=1286|title=Curling Club Room|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=370|height=176]