Cartwright & District Early Learning Centre (Daycare)


At Cartwright and District Early Learning Centre (CDELC), our mission is to provide licensed, quality childcare to the children of Cartwright and surrounding areas.  The staff will provide a nurturing, stimulating and social environment that allows children to question, explore and interact with their peers and their world.  We will support the children and families, while creating lasting, positive relationships. 

The Cartwright and District Early Learning Centre currently employs 3 full-time staff, 2 part-time staff, plus additional casual help.  The Director is Chantel Colli, and you may reach her at the daycare by calling (204-529-2698) or by emailing  Spots are available in the infant and preschool areas, but please call Chantel for more information.

Need cookie dough?  CDELC has an ongoing cookie dough fundraiser!  Please call the daycare for an order form.  Save the date on June 7 as well!  Daycare will be hosting a Ford Fundraiser!  The Community Calendar will have more information at that time.

"if we all saw the world through the eyes of a child, we would see magic everywhere..."

HISTORY of Cartwright & District Early Learning Centre 

Roblin Cartwright CDC initiates to build a daycare in the Village of Cartwright.

In December 2011 a survey was undertaken in our community and the results show there is an urgent need for an early learning center in the Village of Cartwright to serve the area. More than 14 families with 20 children require early learning center services. 

Several meetings with Family Services and Consumer Affairs and the regional Child Care Coordinator informed us of the process to build, license and operate an early learning center. The community leadership, CDC, Village of Cartwright and RM of Roblin understood the necessity of this service and as a result has granted funds for capital expenditures. The insight of our community leadership has ensured the construction of a mortgage free building; however we understood that the long-term viability of the center was dependent upon the operating grant. In September 2012 Province of Manitoba approved Cartwright and District Early Learning Center (CDELC) operating grant application. CDELC will get operation funds once the construction and licensing process are complete. CDELC have been approved for 4 infant and 16 preschool spaces. In nearest future infant spaces will be increased to 8 infants. This grant will help to cover major operating costs such as staff salaries, hydro etc.  

On the 1st of October we have received architect stamped drawings of the future daycare building. Cartwright and District Early Learning Center received land lease approval from Prairie Spirit School Division for the parcel of school grounds to build a daycare on. On the 4th of October FCO Building permit was received and construction started.

          A Director and all staff including cook has been hired; policies, bylaws, and other legal documentation for licensing of the Early Learning Center are prepared. 

          Our community desired an early learning centre, and is also was very willing to assist in its creation.  During construction we had numerous volunteers to aid, ensuring that the building of this structure is done in a cost effective manner. The importance of an early learning center is well documented. Investing in our children is about giving them a good start in life, and contributing to the well-being of families and society. We understand that early childhood education and care diminishes the need for remediation in the school. Child care is also a critical support for women already in the workforce and those who want to enter it. Studies show that the poverty rates of women and their families would fall if mothers had access to universal child care.

An early learning center in our community would also benefit the local economy.  From the moment the concrete foundation for a new early learning center is poured, early childhood education and care generates ongoing economic activity in the community. The majority of child care dollars are spent locally and invested in people, since the sector is labour intensive. Child care workers usually live, work and buy in their communities. Canadian research calculates that every dollar of child care spending in Manitoba produces a ripple effect of $1.58 in the local economy. Economists, bankers and early childhood development commentators such as Dr. Fraser Mustard and Margaret McCain, authors of The Early Years report, state that universal child care is key to Canada’s path to prosperity.

On Saturday, April 6, 2013 from 2-4 p.m., the CDELC held their GRAND OPENING on the school grounds.

Ongoing building photo report was regularly updated.

Yours truly,

Roblin-Cartwright Community Development Corporation.


For more information contact Cartwright and District Early Learning Center Director - Chantel Colli 204 529 2698 or CDO Yuriy Umans’ky 204 529 2307.

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