Cartwright-Mather Cemeteries

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The Cartwright Cemetery is located on the SE 1/4 7-2-14 WPM in the Rural Municipality of Roblin, a mile north of the Village of Cartwright.

Burial plots are available (prices as of 2013):

full plot (16'x16'=256 superficial feet) $400.00

half plot (16'x8'=128 superficial feet) $200.00


If you are wishing to secure a burial location in Cartwright Cemetery, please contact Jean Robinson (204-529-2247)

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Mather Cemetery is located on the NW 1/4 5-2-13 WPM in the Rural Municipality of Roblin, about a half mile north and a half mile east of the LUD of Mather.

Burial plots are available (prices as of 2013):

full plot (14'x17'=238 superficial feet) $400.00

half plot (14'x8.5'=119 superficial feet) $200.00

If you are wishing to secure a burial location in Mather Cemetery, please contact Frank Janzen (204-529-2514)


1.  Plot prices shall be $200 per 1/2 plot and $400 per full plot.

2.  A copy of this policy, as well as a map of the respective cemetery will be included with the plot certificate and given to the purchaser.

3.  The Cemetery Records Keeper or Municipal staff must be contacted prior to any burial work and/or preparation or placing of headstones.

4.  The Cemetery Records Keeper or Municipal Staff will mark all grave sites for excavation; one or more family members are encouraged to be present at that time.

5.  Burial specifications include 1 foot away from the headstone and at least one foot away from adjacent burials.

6.  No more than four (4) casket burials shall be placed in each full sized plot (as stated on cemetery plot deed).

7.  The maximum number of cremations per 1/4 plot is two (2), regardless of whether or not there is a casket burial underneath.  If cremations already exist in a 1/4 plot, then full burials are prohibited on that 1/4 plot.

8.  All casket burials and/or cremation burials are to be registered with the Municipal Office however the Municipal Office does not provide excavation services (neither casket nor urn).

CEMETERY MAINTENANCE - the objective of the cemetery committee is to maintain the cemetery in a pleasing park-like setting.

9.  Grave (burial) surfaces will be planted with grass by municipal employees after settling has occurred.  No cement or other coverings are to be placed over the graves.

10.  Council cooperatively provides Public Works staff for cemetery maintenance including mowing, weed control and rodent control.  These items are strictly the responsibility of staff.

11.  Maintenance of concrete headers includes pouring and repairing concrete.  This is the responsibility of the Village of Cartwright and Rural Municipality of Roblin.

12.  No trees or shrubs are to be planted in the cemetery, except those planted by the Village of Cartwright or Rural Municipality of Roblin so as to provide shelter from weather conditions or to provide park settings.

13.  All trees and shrubs will be maintained in a pleasing manner so as not to obstruct the view of memorials or impede foot traffic and maintenance equipment.

14.  The cost of maintaining headstones, including lifting and/or straightening is the responsibility of remaining family members.  If no surviving family members are located, such cost will be handled by the Cemetery Committee.

15.  It is recommended that flowers, wreaths, solar lights or ornamentation be placed ON headstones or headers, OFF the ground so as to enable proper maintenance of plots and surrounding area.

16.  Flowers, wreaths, etc (natural or otherwise) will be removed when they become unsightly.  All such items will be removed yearly during October.