The THISTLE TYME Show Band is coming to Cartwright!!  Thistle-Tyme Show Band, led by frontman, John Cartwright, is a Celtic folk group based out of Inwood, Manitoba. These experienced musical showmen have toured extensively and will no doubt bring us an amazing event. There will be snacks available and the bar will be open. Come on out after the Bedlam races and before the fireworks. Spread the word and hope to see you there! 

Tickets are $15 and will be available at: 
Cartwright Health Center
Mather Grocery Store
Or contact: Scott Mowbray, Troy Stozek, Maggie Hayward, Tricia Livingstone, Bob Hume, Jack Daly

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The tentative 2016 schedule is out now!!

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 We are super excited to announce that we have booked Lulu and the Tomcat to perform at Ponderosa Days 2016! Hailing from Roland, Manitoba, these Juno-nominated multi-instrumentalists incorporate puppets, humour, and lots of interactivity and dancing into their act and they will be playing two free shows on the Saturday of August Long weekend that are sure to delight young and old alike!



THISTLE TYME SHOW BAND is coming to Cartwright on Friday, July 29!!  They are a quad of four experienced mature musicians and the act plays up to 14 instruments on occasion offering hand clapping, sing along materials, while throwing in some comedy.  Watch for ticket information coming soon!




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