Cartwright-Roblin Municipal Council

Cartwright – Roblin Municipality (CRM) is a rural municipality in the Canadian province of Manitoba that incorporated on January 1, 2015 via the amalgamation of the RM of Roblin and the Village of Cartwright. It was formed as a requirement of The Municipal Amalgamations Act, which required that municipalities with a population less than 1,000 amalgamate with one or more neighbouring municipalities by 2015. The Government of Manitoba initiated these amalgamations in order for municipalities to meet the 1997 minimum population requirement of 1,000 to incorporate a municipality.

Left to right: Vic Hildebrand, Brian Decosse, Brent Pawich, Rod Lovell, Jack Daly


Council consists of one Head of Council (HOC), 2 councilors from the Village of Cartwright, and three councilors from the rural municipality. Currently, council consists of: 

  • Head of Council: Rod Lovell
  • Rural:Jack Daly and Brian Decosse
  • Urban: Vic Hildebrand and Brent Pawich

Annually Council appoints members to be liaisons for local and regional committees and below are the current appointments: 

Local and Regional Committees/ Boards:

23 West Planning District - Brian Decosse/ Jack Daly

Killarney-Turtle Mountain Vet - Jack Daly

Pembina Valley Vet - Brent Pawich

Cartwright Centennial Auditorium - Jack Daly

Cartwright Curling Club Inc. - Vic Hildebrand

Cemeteries (Cartwright & Mather) - Vic Hildebrand

Cartwright Roblin Recreation Commission - Brent Pawich

Cartwright Roblin Volunteer Fire Dept - Jack Daly
Lakeland Regional Library - Vic Hildebrand

Mac Robinson Community Centre (Skating) - Vic Hildebrand/ Brian Decosse

Mather Hall & Mather Rink - Rod Lovell

Pembina Valley Conservation (Crystal Cypress) - Brian Decosse

Pembina Valley Conservation (Badger Creek) - Jack Daly

Roblin Cartwright Community Development Corp - Brent Pawich

Senior Services of CMR-Handi-van (CRM is parent) - Rod Lovell

South West Rock Lake Resort Association (Rock Lake Cottagers Assoc)- Brian Decosse

Tri-Lakes Develop Group (Pelican/Rock/ Swan) - Jack Daly

®                 Pelican Lake Advisory – Jack Daly

®                 Rock Lake Advisory – Jack Daly


Other Appointments of Council

·         Poundkeepers (large animals) -    Mark Taylor/ Randy Pawich/ Robert Drewry/ Blake Marchant

·         Poundkeepers (small animals) -   Vacant (defaults to vet clinic)

·         Rural Area Reps -                            Range 13 - Brian Decosse & Rock Lake

§  Range 14 - Brian Decosse and Jack Daly

§  Range 15 - Jack Daly

§  LUD of Mather - Brian Decosse

·         Building Inspector/ Development Officer - Per 23 West Planning appointment (Kevin Cameron)

·         Cartwright Roblin Municipal Emergency Coordinator - Vacant (defaults to municipal staff)

·         Cartwright Roblin Volunteer Fire – Chief - Laurence Klassen

·         Cartwright Roblin Volunteer Fire - Deputy Chief -  Gerry Dousselaere